Travel with Carsharing – The big provider overview



translated by Ed Sherrington

DriveNow, a cooperation between BMW and Sixt, is the most well-known carsharing platform in Germany and is available in many European countries. With DriveNow there are no fixed stations, and after use, cars can simply be parked in public parking lots free of charge. In Germany DriveNow is offered in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Their services are also available in Vienna, Brussels, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Helsinki and London. #carsharingroadmap

Frau auf Auto


Car2Go – Germany is proud to share | APP

It’s a good idea to take advantage of this low-cost service when you are on holiday or on a business trip in Germany. Often it can be more cost-effective travelling long distances by car rather than by train or plane, and with Germany’s stunning countryside it can even be more relaxing. Car sharing also helps avoid the pain of finding parking or unnecessary traffic jams with the ability to simply pickup, go, and drop-off. The service is also great if you are a city resident who doesn’t own a car as they don’t need it in their everyday life. In any case, you have a large selection of competent and strong suppliers in Germany. One of them is Car2Go, a flexible car sharing agency with its own fleet and extensive coverage. They have an extensive range of cars over many cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. Car2Go is known for their variety guaranteeing something for everyone, from smart cars to Mercedes. Fully electric cars, however, have not yet been added. After you have registered through the homepage (no application fees necessary) you can use the search function on the site or app to quickly display all the available cars in your area. Once you’ve decided on one all you have to do is unlock it with the app and you’re ready to go. The fees are billed by the minute and set against a daily maximum allowance. Car2Go is also represented in several other countries, making it perfect if you’re doing a longer and wider travel.

Drivy – Carsharing from Person to Person | APP

If you prefer a personal touch then Drivy is a great alternative. This version of car sharing allows users to borrow cars from private owners at a fee. The registration process and pickup process is similar to Car2Go and just as secure, but you deal personally with the actual owner of the car. With that said, the choice of vehicles is as varied as the people who offer them. Perfect for adventurous and outgoing people who believe in person to person transactions.

Flinkster | APP

Flinkster is the largest carsharing provider in Germany. No wonder as Deutsche Bahn (The national German Railway) is behind it all. Even in smaller cities you can find a large selection of vehicles – from compact cars to vans. There’s a huge range of vehicles as Flinkster cooperates with other carsharing providers across Germany. In Berlin, fully electric cars are also available. Bahncard holders (the German subscription railway ticket) can take advantage of better rates and discounts making Flinkster a great choice for people travelling through Germany.

Belgien Brüssel Atomium


Cambio – Carsharing – a car when I need one | APP

With Cambio you are flexible as well as connected. The company started with only a few locations in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. Today though, Cambio has more than 1,000 cars found throughout 400 stations over around 40 different Belgium cities. Currently, more than 28,000 users are registered with them. Cambio work like this: Each registered user receives his or her own personal Cambio card. This is not transferable from person to person, but additional tickets can be ordered for family members. They then go to the nearest Cambio location, which can be found on the company’s homepage, and check the available vehicles and reserve. The minimum rental period is one hour and there’s no is no maximum amount of reserve time. You can also book additional equipment such as SatNavs. At some locations, electric cars are also available. If your dream car is already reserved you will be offered alternatives in a similar vehicle class. There are four basic tariffs – start, bonus, comfort and campus. These relate directly to vehicle class, altering the hourly rates and km rates. For a better understanding simply visit the website and see which tariffs work for you and how to get started. Cambio is available in several other Central European countries with as an app in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Zipcar – Flexibility in Brussels! | APP

Zipcar is ideal if you want to move freely around Belgium’s incredible capital city of Brussels. Once you have registered (ID card, driver’s license and credit card are all that’s required) you can search for a nearby car via the app or on their website. Then simply book it and drive it. There are different fee models to allow wider choices depending on your budget. The car can be conveniently parked at almost any place within Brussels as Zipcar operates in 16 of the 19 districts of the Belgian capital. The best thing about it is you don’t have to pay for fuel and for a whole day’s payment there’s 200 km included.  The cars are modern, fuel-efficient and chic.

Zen Car – electric rides in Brussels! | APP

Zen Car offers you three electric vehicle models to get you through the city in an environmentally friendly way. This is the best option if you want to spend a lot of time in the capital. The advantages: more than 100 vehicles and 350 charging stations, which guarantees a parking space at all times. There’s even a special rate for students at night and during the weekends. Zen Car is particularly attractive due to its prepaid offers – you can get up to 20% off the regular price. You can also find this provider in the App Store and the Google Play Store for convenient mobile use as an app.



Carro Leve began operations at the end of 2014. They were an offshoot of Porto Leve starting with a small fleet of electric cars in the centre of Recife, the capital of Pernambuco in north-eastern Brazil. This car sharing provider focuses on environmental protection and efficiency. After registering on the homepage you can reserve a car through the app, join an existing trip with another user or create your own ‘tour’ and let others ride with you. This way you can share the cost of the car and meet new people. However, it should be noted that their cars are only two-seaters. The door opens through the app and when you’re done with the vehicle you can park it in one of the exclusive parking lots. Carro Leve’s electric cars have automatic transmission and travel at a maximum speed of 80 km/h, making them ideal for quietly exploring Recife and its surroundings. The cost of the service includes a monthly subscription of 30,00 R$ for access to the cars. In addition, every half hour of travel costs 20,00 R$. Currently there are 5 pick-up stations of Carro Leve in Recife. So far the homepage is only available in Brazilian,so  it doesn’t hurt to master the language a little, but the page can be translated through leading web browsers. After you’re done registering nothing stands in the way of the lively driving pleasure.


With the introduction of Urbano Carsharing in autumn 2017, São Paulo is also benefiting from a fantastic car-sharing offer with 95 vehicles in the fleet so far. In order to improve the city’s climate this provider also relies on environmentally friendly vehicles. There are 80 two seater Smarts and 15 electric BMW i3s available. After registering on the homepage and installing the app, you can reserve your desired vehicle and start driving straight away. This is a one-way system and a used vehicle can be parked in one of the 35 home zones when you’re done. Urbano Carsharing has a flexible pricing system giving you discounts when booking for set periods of hours or days. A yearly subscription goes for  28,00 R$, but they also offer the reasonable rate of 1,20 R$ per minute. This is the ideal provider if you want to travel cheaply in São Paulo and don’t want to miss out on mobility. The homepage is currently only available in Brazilian.



Awto – Chiles first Carsharing platform | APP

If you want to truly discover all the sights in the “longest country in the world”, you have to be mobile and independent. From Santiago to the countryside there are a number of interesting places that can’t be reached by public transport. If you are searching for a good alternative to car rental you you may find carsharing right up your alley. Awto has to be one of our first recommendations. This carsharing company, founded just a few years ago, offers several dozen cars in Santiago and Vina del Mar. The procedure is simple, but be aware that the website is only available in Spanish. After registering you can quickly find out which car is available and at what times simply by checking on the homepage or through the app. If you rent a car, depending on the basic tariff and the type of car you have booked, there are different costs per minute with a maximum amounts of minutes per day. The choice of short rental periods is particularly attractive for short distances in the city centre. To give an example, if you booked the “free fare” then a normal city car is available from 50,000 pesos per day. Hybrid cars, electric cars and premium cars from different manufacturers are also available at different prices. There’s a useful fee calculator on the site to help you plan your costs.

Slicar Carsharing – a new Alternative

Founded in 2016, Slicar is still relatively new on the Chilean carsharing scene. But that’s not a bad thing as Slicar’s are fighting for top spot with some impressive offers. The process is similar to that of Awto, you register with Slicar and then you can find your preferred car on the homepage (unfortunately also only in Spanish at the moment) or through the app. Slicar stands out from the rest as it also runs in the Columbian cities of Medellín and Bogotá, in addition to Santiago and Vina del Mar. Registration is free of charge, but the fees are based within the hour, which can make them a little bit higher if it’s a very short journey. However, petrol and insurance are included. The fleet consists of environmentally friendly electric cars and economical gasoline engines.

Carpool – meeting new people, finding new opportunities

If you frequently travel the same routes or plan your journeys in advance, Carpool could be just the thing for you. If you click ‘CARPOOL’ above you can contact numerous Chilean individuals and plan joint trips with them. This way you get to know new people and get to your destination at a reasonable price. Of course, if your route is one of the less heavily trafficked, some flexibility is required. The website is in English, however an app is not yet available.





Denmark is a popular holiday destination throughout Europe. It’s a treat for everyone with great beaches, interesting cultural events, and a bustiling nightlife. Nevertheless, it can be practical and often more cost effective to leave the car at home when going on holiday within Europe. Carsharing offers a unique alternative to renting and it’s becoming very popular in Denmark. If you are travelling to Copenhagen and the surrounding area there’s an enviromentally friendly alternative. GreenMobility has a fleet of Renault electric cars operatng in the city of Copenhagen. After registering on the homepage, which is available in English and Danish, you can find an available car using the app. The app also helps you to find a charging station if the battery is weak. There’s three tariffs available (minute, daily, monthly) giving you the freedom to drive at any occasion.


Copenhagen is not the only city worth visiting in Denmark and there’s carsharing in many different places. LetsGo is an established carsharing company that operates a fleet of several hundred cars in nine cities throughout Denmark. Approximately 15 percent of the cars have electric motors, while the remaining cars run on petrol and are available in a wide range of models, from mini cars and spacious station wagons to practical sprinters. You register via the homepage (in English and Danish) and can choose from one of three basic fee types. They have payment options for occasional drivers, as well as special packages for luxury rides. There really is something for everyone. Be aware you will need to pay the 50 Danish kronor insurance fee. This is a great choice for those who like to think ahead: if you register up to three days before your trip, LetsGo guarantees you that a car will be parked at the agreed time. Unfortunately, LetsGo has no app at the moment, car search and booking is all done via the website.


If you want to polish up your Danish or are looking for a cheaper alternative, Snappcar might be the choice for you. With either the website or app, both of which are available in English, you can quickly find a someone who wants to rent their car. Once the time and place is agreed, grab the keys and enjoy your drive. Of course, don’t be shy and understand you may have to be flexible with timings etc.

Finnland bei Nacht




The City Car Club has been active as a carsharing provider in Helsinki since 1999. The fleet consists of a total of 80 vehicles including family cars as well as vans and minibuses. The availability of the cars can be checked quickly and easily via the company’s website or the City Car Club app, which is available in Finnish and English. The exact locations of free vehicles are shown on a virtual map of Helsinki. If a car you like is available then it can be reserved two hours in advance via the app and picked up at the time you would like. The rental period is variable and can be flexibly adapted to the occasion.


Autolevi has been active in Finland and its neighbouring countries Estonia and Latvia since 2012. Autolevi is a peer-to-peer-rental platform. With this service private individuals offer up their vehicles on the website. The vehicles can be rented for a few hours, but also for a longer period of time. The fleet now comprises over 800 vehicles with a wide variety of different car types. It’s not just city cars on offer but also vans for bigger excursions, holidays or larger transporters for moving. The reservation and booking of a vehicle is done via the Autolevi website. After you’ve booked the car it can be picked up directly from the respective owner. Once you’re done simply return it to the owner with a full tank. Autolevi offers vehicles for rent from just two euros per hour.


Carpool is active worldwide including Finland. By entering your own route, the desired journey time and the number of passengers, the website searches for suitable journeys and offers. In the Finnish cities such as Helsinki, Espoo and Tampare are popular destinations and starting points. It is also possible to limit or extend your own standpoint by a radius, in order to increase or limit the number of carpooling opportunities.

Frau auf Balkon in Frankreich


Carsharing with Tripndrive in France

Tripndrive is a carsharing company that gives you the opportunity to rent your own car for a period of time, leaving it available at the major airports and train stations in France. This is especially useful if you are travelling and won’t be using your vehicle. This way you can earn a little extra money and save parking fees. The same applies in reverse: With Tripndrive you can book a private car in France on holiday, which offers you a price advantage compared to conventional rental cars. All private car shares are adequately insured with Tripndrive. On the website you will find text and videos explaining exactly how the concept works. All content is available in German and English.


Autolib’ is an environmentally friendly form of carsharing. It’s a platform exclusively in Paris that offers a choice of over 3,000 electric cars. The project is operated by the Bolloré Group. Similar systems are also available in Lyon (bluely) and Bordeaux (blueclub). The Autolib’s website is available in English and French and there is also an app. You can easily book an electric car via both platforms. The integrated navigation systems of the Bluecar car models show you the location charging stations, so you always know where exactly to recharge your car. This is particularly useful for longer periods of time as the subscriptions come at lower prices the longer you book.


With Zipcar, SNCF’s partner, you can book cheap car-shares from the company’s own fleet from over 70 locations in Paris and major stations throughout France. You can choose between different models, ranging from the typical small city car to a van. The iDPASS app will show you the nearest Zipcar stations where you can pick up and drop off the car. If you become a Voyageur Loyalty Program participant, you can receive up to 50 percent off the hourly rate during the weekend. SNCF has tutorials of how to use Zipcar in German or English, but the booking service is in French.


With more than 100 vehicles in Paris, you can book an Ubeeqo car for one hour, overnight or for a couple of days, no matter where you are.


GOmore is a peer-to-peer rental platform similar to most carpooling services.


Frau auf Santorini



Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Great weather, incredible ancient history and a lively nightlife draws many from all over for year round holidays. But if you want to enjoy art, culture and events to the fullest, exploring local attractions away from tourist hotspots, you have to be fully mobile. A big reason is because public transport isn’t the most reliable in Greece. Your own car is a good way to independently travel and explore. In addition to your own car, which you would have to drive all the way to Greece, or go through a car rental company, there is a new mobility trend – carsharing. With Travelcar, the car owner makes their vehicle available to others when he or she won’t be using it. Even though this trend has not yet found many followers in Greece, Travelcar is nonetheless pioneering it forward. Travelcar, a French company with locations in more than 40 countries, offers free parking at airports for visitors, holidaymakers or business travellers. The cars parked there are all registered by Travelcar so you can trust the quality, letting you drive safely and securely. You just have to register on the Travelcar via their website or app (for Android or iPhone) to check the available cars over the desired period of time at the participating airfields. Fair warning, there is an element of luck, because the type of car you might won’t always be available at the desired time. If you find what you are looking for, you can make a reservation, come to the Travelcar local branch and pick up the car. Insurance, 700 kilometres of driving distance and service in the event of a breakdown are all included. This means that nothing stands in the way of a fully mobile holiday adventure. Once you’re done park it at the airport and pay the fee. A good part of this fee will then be transferred to the original owner of the car. A great benefit for everyone involved. We wish you a relaxing and exciting holiday in Greece.


HopIn is a platform for both drivers and passengers in which the passenger specifies where they want to go. HopIn then searches for suitable routes, compares the requests and offers, and makes suggestions. If there’s a driver going in that direction you can request the ride.

London Millenium Bridge

Great Britain


There’s a lot to experience in the UK  from the cities to the countryside. That’s why the flexibility of having your own car for longer trips can be a good idea. Car sharing offers numerous advantages – avoiding longer parking fees, a wider choice of vehicle types such as an SUV for an off-road trip, a compact car for a day in the city, all for much cheaper than a long-term rental. If car sharing sounds like the right choice for you then Zipcar is a great service available across 7 major British cities (and many other countries). Whether in London, Edinburgh or Oxford, you can choose from a wide range of company-owned vehicles after registering on the homepage. From the nippy Ford Fiesta to the spacious Ford C-Max Grand, Zipcar’s fleet is sure to have the car a car perfect for your outings and shopping trips. Currently, fully electric vehicles are not available. Once you’ve made up your mind, all you have to do is find the car that’s right for you on the homepage or through the app and hop in the car that’s right for you. Fuelling and insurance are included in the rental price.


If you are travelling in London and the surrounding area and are looking for an alternative to Zipcar, Ubeeqo could be for you. Ubeeqo have approximately 90 cars in their fleet. You can also opt to subscribe through a small monthly fee, which reduces the hourly fees. The cars available in London range from classic midsize cars to high-end small cars, currently only petrol run cars are available.


If you want to travel over longer distances, go on holiday to smaller places or are bored with normal car sharing, you can make yourself mobile all while being environmentally friendly at a lower cost. Try Liftshare, a car sharing platform that brings private individuals together through their website and app and allows people to organize joint trips. Wh knows, maybe you won’t just find a ride, but a friend.



If you are on a business trip or on holiday to the emerald isle it’s great to have the freedom to explore the city and expansive green countryside. GoCar has a number of attractive offers and extras making it a popular choice in Ireland. Here’s how it works: Just register on the GoCar website and choose a car that suits your driving needs, location and availability. You can do this via the easy-to-use website or app, which is available for Android and iPhone. Most of GoCar’s vehicles are located in the Dublin area, but there’s at least one location in other major cities in Ireland. The car fleet has great range of cars, from the nippy minis to off-road vehicles. Electric cars are also at your disposal. Once you have picked a car, you pay for every hour of use and the fees are based on the type of car. By signing up it means the fuel and insurance costs are covered and parking is free when using a GoCar in Dublin. – THE PRACTICAL OPTION FOR PLANNED TRIPS

If you don’t want to hold onto a car for long periods and simply need to go greater distances, car sharing is a good alternative. was created by the Irish National Transport Authority to bring together car users who could commute together – whether on their way to work, to tourist attractions or just to the countryside. However, you have to bring along a certain amount of flexibility, because there is no guarantee that someone will be available at the time you want to drive. Of course, the cars are as different as their owners and be aware that an app is also not yet available.

YUKO Toyota Car Club

An alternative to GoCar is the YUKO Car Club. This service is offered by Toyota and provides around a dozen Toyota Yaris, Auris and Primus hybrid cars in the Dublin area. The prices are similar, but charged on a quarter of an hour cycles. For short distances, the offer is a worthwhile option, but there is a monthly charge of six euros.



Carsharing in Island with Cario

Cario is a car sharing platform where locals offer their car for your Icelandic holiday. All you have to do is enter your name and a valid e-mail address and you’ll be able to find the right vehicle to suit your needs. The pick-up stations are located in Reykjavik at Holtagarðar bus station and the BSÍ bus station, as well as at the international airport Keflavík (KEF). From there you can drive an unlimited number of kilometres under the agreed conditions. This is insured during the rental period via Cario. There is also the option to offer your own car for car sharing if you want to spend a longer period of time in Iceland, but don’t want to use your car there all the time. Further information can be found on the website.


Caritas also allows you to rent privately owned cars. A unique feature of this service is that you can pick up and drop off a car at almost any location. You can arrange all the details with the car’s owner after you have contacted him via Caritas. Cars are also available at the international airport Keflavík (KEF) or the bus station BSÍ in Reykjavik. Caritas gives the option to search for a specific type of car and lets you specify other extras you might need. All the rented cars are insured and you can drive as far as you within the agreed period of time.


Carrenters is an affordable alternative to the average car hire service. Here, you simply rent cars from locals at their own prices. On the Carrenters website, which is in English, it shows two locations (Keflavík Airport (KEF), BSÍ bus station in Reykjavik) where you can pick up the car and select the type you want. The site also gives tips and advice on road safety when driving in Iceland. All the vehicles on offer are insured and you can drive an unlimited distance to explore the most beautiful corners of the country.



The Israeli car sharing community Car2Go is an great alternative to the private car. Thousands of community members share their vehicles allowing flexibility and comfort. The vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth, USB ports and AUX connections. The company’s concept is simple: getting you into a car whenever you need one. To become a member of the community you just have to register. You can head to the website to start your registration or go to them in person at one of their sites. After registration you will receive a smartcard. The card is not transferable, but you can add a family member to your account. The family member will receive his or her own smart card for a one-time fee. With this card you have access to the fleet of vehicles at any time. However, the company recommends that you reserve a vehicle well in advance to ensure that the vehicle closest to your location is sure to be available when you need it. It should also be mentioned that the car sharing company also offers the possibility of creating car pools. There is a strict ban on smoking in the vehicles and the transport of animals is prohibited. The Car2Go fleet consists of  basic runner cars, such as the Nissan Micra or the Hyundai I-10, family cars, larger cars such as the Honda Insight Hybrid and the Mitsubishi Attrage, as well as commercial vehicles such as the Renault Traffic or Kangoo. The car-sharing company has its office in Carlebach-Str. 1 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. All in all, most vehicles can be rented around the city, for example in Bat Yam, Ramat Gan and Giv’ atajim. The provider’s website is available in both Hebrew and English. The Israeli company does not yet have an app, but you can book the vehicles conveniently using your smartphone’s browser or by calling the call center. So if you’re in Israel take advantage of the environmentally friendly and low-cost carsharing offered by Car2Go and enjoy freedom and flexibility at the highest level. If you have any questions, the team will be happy to help you at any time and will take care of your problems by e-mail, telephone or directly on site.



It’s no wonder Italy is such a popular holiday destination, in addition to sunny weather, culture, art, delicious food and fashion, people flock for the culture and history. To help you explore the most of Italy carsharing providers are more available than ever, offering flexibility and low-cost mobility. One of the largest carsharing agencies is Enjoy. They have several hundred vehicles in Milan, Catania, Rome, Turin and Florence, and many other popular holiday regions. One of their most popular cars is the Fiat 500 as it’s fast for getting around the city with enough storage space for shopping and longer trips. Unfortunately, there are no electric cars available. After you register via the website you can search for a car in your area using the website or through the mobile app. Once done, simply leave locked it in a public car park within the service area. Even if you only need a car for a quick journey there are many designated available parking areas exclusively for Enjoy customers. The refuelling in an ENI filling station is included and is also supported by the app.

Car2Go | APP

Globetrotters particularly enjoy the carsharing agency Car2Go, because it is not only represented in four cities in Italy, but also in Germany, in the USA, Canada and several other countries. It’s simple to use, you can register HERE on the site and then use your browser or app to find the car that suits you best. The website and app are available in Italian and English. In addition to speedy smart cars, you will also find several spacious Mercedes models in their fleet. Bonus: Car2Go offers a special airport service and free parking on all public parking areas in its service area.


If you are not shy and have some flexibility, Blablacar breat for grand tours over longer distances and to remote places. Blablacar is filled with carpooling opportunities in many countries, including Italy. After you logged into the site, you will quickly find car owners who are looking for passengers on various routes. If the chemistry between you and the drivers is right, nothing stands in the way of the ride.




Spin City is a car sharing platform that has been active since 2016. Its distinctive feature is its fleet of more than 30 VW up! vehicles, including ten electric cars. An online registration is necessary to book a vehicle via the Spin City website, available in both Croatian and English. Once registered, you will have the entire fleet at your disposal to explore not just Zagreb, but the whole country. Only the rental and return takes place exclusively in Zagreb. Quick and easy reservations can be made on their app up to 15 minutes before the start of the trip. Available vehicles are displayed on a map of Zagreb and cars can be parked, rented or delivered free of charge to any public car park in the city. The app also serves as a virtual key to open and close the reserved vehicle. App users can reserve or return a car around the clock, thus for an average of 30 cents per minute you can set off on a road trip at any time!


The global provider Carpool is a platform for searching for carpooling opportunities. A chosen route can be entered on the English-language website and search results can be filtered to suit individual requirements by adjusting the radius of the start and end point. Once filters and route are entered, the information will be evaluated to determine suitable carpooling opportunities. The bigger and more popular a Croatian city, the more offers available. For example, Croatian cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split are especially popular starting and finishing points for offered trips. With all the possible ride sharing opportunities Croatia with all its beautiful cities and national parks can be easily explored!

Pool my Ride | APP

Searching and offering carpooling opportunities are the core of the worldwide platform Pool my Ride. Routes can be offered or searched for on the website or in the provider’s app. To find a ride share, a desired starting location, end destination, as well as the date and departure time must be stated. The data is then evaluated and compared to what is available in order to provide results with suitable offers. With the help of Pool my Ride your next city trip or excursion into the beautiful nature areas of Croatia can be achieved!


Autolevi – Carsharing in Latvia

Latvia is a charmed and small country popular with tourists. It’s characterized by untouched nature, Baltic Sea beaches and interesting historical sights. The capital city of Riga is filled with hidden wonders, though just as many of the country’s other cities are serenely unique. On top of this they have developed an excellent carsharing market, which allows you to stay mobile, letting you discover the cities and the scenic nature on your own. A good example of this is Autolevi, a car-sharing company operating in Latvia and Estonia, which allows private individuals to rent their own cars. Once you have registered on the site, you can quickly and easily locate available cars and contact their owners at an agreed time and location. Currently you have to do this through company’s website, as there is no app yet. More than 800 cars are registered with Autolevi with everything from SUVs to city cars. It’s possible to find cars both used, all you need is a little bit of adventure and flexibility.

Ridesharing at Carpoolworld

If you’re only doing a single leg journey, say from city to city, Carpoolworld could be for you. Carpoolworld does not offer individual cars, but individual journeys. After you have registered on the homepage you can check if anyone is travelling your way. If you find a ride at a suitable time contact the driver and you can start the ride together. All the logistics are planned between you and the driver.

Mobocars – eine Carsharingalternative für Lettland

If you can’t find a suitable ride at Levicar, you can try Mobocars. Mobocars is a relatively young carsharing provider. They currently connect around one hundred private car owners with customers. The website is available in English. Unfortunately, there is no app available, but the the website is comfortable and intuitive.



Spark is Lithuania’s first fully-equipped car sharing provider. You will find the modern, blue cars with the Spark logo in Vilnius. With provider’s app you can determine the exact location of vehicles, reserve a car and make payments. In addition, you will receive information on where to charge their economical electric cars. Currently there are 40 listed charging stations in Vilnius. To register for Spark you can make a private or business account. During the week, billing is based on minutes or days while weekends have a separate rate. Spark also offers ways to earn Loyalty Points which can be used for bonuses. The Spark fleet features spirited VW up! and economical Nissan Leaf vehicles, both available in a comfortable, five-door model with a built-in navigation system. If planning a longer tour, we recommend the Nissan Leaf, as it can travel up to 250 kilometres without needing to be recharged. The VW up! is better suited to shorter distances of up to 160 kilometres. Information on the website is available in English or Lithuanian.


You can find the wide range of City Bee cars at many locations in Vilnius and Kaunas. From a Porsche 718 Boxter to a Fiat Ducato, Mini One or a BMW i3 electric car, you are sure to find the right car for your needs. In addition to electric cars, the fleet also includes vehicles with hybrid engines. To use the car sharing provider City Bee in Lithuania you need to register on the app or the website, which you can set in English. A cost calculator is available so before booking you can see, for example, what a day with a Porsche 718 Boxter will cost. Prices are made transparent, broken down into a flexible graduation in minutes, hours or days. Reserving a vehicle for an entire week is also possible. It should be noted, however, that from the 51st kilometre onwards, the number of kilometres travelled are also calculated into the price.



Luxembourg can be an ideal destination for a short holiday, as it offers everything one could desire despite its small size. In Luxembourg City you will find all the amenities that even the most demanding travellers would not want to miss, whilst in the countryside unspoiled nature, romantic villages and inviting vineyards await exploration. In order to make it to all the insider destinations and attractions, you will probably want to move about with a car. Luckily you don’t have to come with your own as there are car sharing agencies in Luxembourg to help you get around. Carloh, founded in 2015, is the largest car sharing agency and offers several dozen cars at several stations in Luxembourg City. Their fleet includes small city cars, electric cars and premium class vehicles. The first step to participating is registering on the Carloh website. After registering, you can use the website or app to find and rent an available car at one of the Luxembourg City stations. After your shopping spree or joyride you will need to return the vehicle to where you picked it up. Refuelling is included in the price. You can choose between three tariffs depending on how much you drive and how much time you spend in Luxembourg.


If your travels won’t be limited to Luxembourg City and its surrounds, but for example, might extend to the north of the country then consider Citymov. Based on the carsharing principle, Citymov is present in several smaller cities and offers a modern fleet of vehicles (and electric bicycles) including electric vehicles like the BMW i3. Another advantage of Citymov is that there is no base fee and only one charge for kilometres and minutes driven, which caters well to occasional drivers. Unfortunately there is no app, thus searching and booking a vehicle is only possible via the homepage.

Gracht in Amsterdam


Car2Go | Explore Amsterdam | APP

Car2Go is a German car sharing provider, it’s a unison project between Daimler and Europcar. Its trademarked by their fleet of electric smart cars. The Smarts are available in many European cities, including Amsterdam. In order to use the service simply register via the website. Afterwards, the reservation of a vehicle can be made up to half an hour before the start of your journey. It’s quick and easy to find a car via the app. Using a digital map of Amsterdam you’ll see all the available vehicles with their exact locations. All public parking spaces within the Car2Go area in Amsterdam are open to you. When it comes to locking and unlocking the vehicle the app functions as a virtual car key. The standard price is 31 cents per minute. However, minute or hourly packages are also offered, reducing the price up to 23 cents per minute. Car2Go in Amsterdam is the ideal alternative to a bicycle. Whether for a quick shopping trip through the city or an excursion to a nearby town, with the Smarts from Car2Go nothing stands in the way!

Greenwheel | APP

Greenwheel is a carsharing provider active in Germany and the Netherlands. It’s easy to register via multi-lingual website as well as the app. After successful registration you can search for available vehicles on a digital map of the Netherlands. In order to show a free car in the nearest vicinity, the search radius can be limited using the postcode or city name. Greenwheel’s fleet consist primarily of VW models – the Golf and Caddy. With different storage space in each the service is great for a variety of trips. For city driving the smaller VW up is particularly good, whereas the Caddy is well suited for transportation needs. So with Greenwheel, it’s easy to book a car for moving house or going for a quick shopping trip. Even a trip to the Dutch coast to an option as the service is fine with taking the car outside of city limits! Different tariffs are offered, which are adapted to the individual use of the vehicles. The basic fare is 32 cents per kilometre but other packages are also available.



If you’re into nature, culture, countryside and meeting new people it helps to be mobile. Beside by boat the car is the best way to stay mobile and flexible in Norway. If you don’t want to go on holiday with your own car and still want to have one available whenever you need it, car sharing is the best option. With car sharing you get a car when you need it while only paying when you use it. Petrol and insurance are even included. Bilkollektivet is the first established car sharing agency in Norway, with offices in Oslo, Tromsø, Stavanger and Kristiansand. The company is particularly active in Oslo with a large number of cars on offer, so you can expect to find a car in whenever you need it. Their fleet includes a wide range of petrol run cars, from smaller to nine-seaters, but you can also find some electric cars too. Once you have registered simply check the website to find the best car for your needs and reserve it (up to three months in advance). You pay based on the kilometers driven and minutes used. Unfortunately there is no app yet.

Move About – Zero Hassle, Zero Emissions

Move About is a relatively new start-up (and an insider’s tip in Oslo), it relies entirely on environmental protection offering electric cars at a good rate. The registration and reservation process is similar to that of other car sharing agencies, but the Move About site is currently only available in Norwegian. With a little bit of imagination or translation services you’ll be able to find your way around. Unfortunately you also have to do without an app.


With so much wide and untouched beauty in Norway you might think it a bit reclusive. However, there are many who want to share their cars. In addition to the financial benefit and environmental protection, it’s a great way to meet people. Carpool is a ridesharing agency that enables you to contact private car owners in Norway and accompany them on their rides (whether regular short trips or long journeys). All the details come down to what you and the owner agree upon.

Innsbrucker Hütte




Austria offers the chance for all kinds of holidays, for every taste. Whether in Vienna, Salzburg or any of the major cities you will find chic shopping opportunities, culture and a charming, cosy atmosphere. Outside of the big cities you’ll find incredibly beautiful landscapes that will set the pulse of every hiking or skiing enthusiast racing. For an affordable way to quickly reach the destinations on your Austrian holiday itinerary we recommend to try carsharing with Drivy. The platform gives private individuals the opportunity to earn a little extra money by offering their vehicles for temporary use. Once you’ve signed up on Drivy’s homepage, you can use the website or app to quickly and easily search for available cars according to your desired location and time. Once you have found a suitable option you can directly contact the vehicle owner and make final arrangements. Although it is not really possible to generalize the types of cars found on the platform with some flexibility you are sure to find something that matches your requirements. Insider travel tip: Drivy is also active in many other European countries.


If you prefer to be on the safe side regarding availability, prices and vehicle types, stick to a carsharing provider with its own fleet. Car2Go is the market leader for carsharing in Vienna and with over several hundred cars in its fleet, it provides a diverse vehicle selection that can cater to a range of mobility needs. Whether opting for an easily manoeuvrable and inexpensive Smart car or a chic Mercedes, you will get your money’s worth. With three tariffs (per minute, per hour or per day) you can find the most affordable offer for your journey. Perks such as free parking in all public car parks and designated parking spaces at the airport round out their convenient service.

Carsharing 24/7  | APP

Carsharing 24/7 is another platform active in many Austrian cities that connects private car owners with interested parties. The platform makes it simple to compare prices offered by individual owners. Similar to Caruso in Vorarlberg, the Graz-based company offers the possibility of renting out your own car as well as arranging carpooling. What Carsharing 24/7 does not offer, however, is its own vehicle fleet.


The ÖAMTC, the AA of Austria, offers Mobito. This free platform allows groups of private individuals to organize the use and costs of a shared vehicle.




Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth largest city and has a lot to offer in terms of culture, it was even named European Capital of Culture in 2016! If you want to get to know Wroclaw, and the countryside around it, the carsharing provider GoGet is worth checking out. After registering on the website you will have access to the entire service – around the clock. The fleet consists of both diesel and electric cars. Available vehicles can be found on the website and the app and can be reserved for a minimum of 15 minutes. You don’t need to worry about petrol with GoGet. pl. as a fuel card is included with every car, meaning  you can fill up at any BP petrol station free of charge. GoGet. pl is not only suitable for a short commute through the city, but also for a day trip to the Cistercian monastery of Heinrichau. When you’re finished you can leave the vehicle at any public car park in Wroclaw.


Traficar is a car sharing company that has been around since October 2016. The car sharing service started in the Polish capital Warsaw with over one hundred vehicles. Now Traficar is also available in Krakow, with more Polish cities to come. You can see all the available vehicles through their app. A handy city map reveals all available vehicles giving their exact location. Reservations are also made with the smartphone and can be made at any time. In order to open a reserved car, the app scans the QR code on the windscreen of the vehicle. You’ll find the keys in the glove box. At Traficar, you can choose between two billing options: either the billing is calculated in minutes used or the distance travelled. Once you have finished your journey, you can return the car at any public car park in Warsaw or Krakow.


Omni is a carsharing offer from the car manufacturer, Skoda. The service is available in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. The control system works quickly and easily via the supplier’s app, which is available in Polish and English. The app can be used to display all available vehicles on a Warsaw city map. Available cars can be reserved around the clock up to 30 minutes before scheduled departure. Payment is then made either for the time travelled or for the number of kilometres. The prices are 0.25 zloty per minute for Omni and 0.65 zloty per kilometre driven.

Lissabon Brücke




If you like meeting new people, then Car Amigo is the right carsharing site for you. A valid ID is necessary for the initial registration and once signed up you can search for available private cars or list your own vehicle to earn money by sharing your car with others. The platform’s search engine can filter for location, time and date availability, and kind of car. Once something suitable is found, you are able to contact the owner of the vehicle. If the owner and you come to an agreement, you will then transfer the money online quickly and securely to Car Amigo’s account. Only after a joint security check is cleared are you free to set off with the car. Carsharing partners can be found in almost every major city in Portugal, but of course, availability cannot be guaranteed. The types of cars vary, from off-road vehicles and older diesel cars, to modern mid-range cars and everything in between. Use the Car Amigo website (available in Portuguese, English, French, Dutch and Russian) or the app. Side note: With Car Amigo you can also find carsharing partners in Belgium and Bulgaria.

Citydrive – Carsharing in Lissabon | APP

If you are looking for a reliable carsharing provider in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, you are well advised with Citydrive. A service provided by Sadorent, a major Portuguese car rental company, Citydrive provides several dozen types of cars in the Lisbon area. Once registered you can search for a car on the website or app. As Citydrive has its own fleet there is usually a good chance you will find a car at the right place at the right time. Commercial customers will also find Citydrive reliable. The fleet features models like the agile Opel Adam and the spacious and comfortable Skoda Fabia. E-cars, however, are unfortunately not available. The price for signing up, cost per kilometres driven and all further details can be found on the Citydrive website, which is available in English and Portuguese.


Another owner to user carsharing platform is Shareacar, mainly located in the greater Lisbon area. Like similar sites offering up private cars you can expect a fleet that is as diverse as the owners. As the selection in the Lisbon area is considerably larger, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a suitable vehicle. The website is available in English and Portuguese and features an easy, convenient search function. No app is available at this time.




Whether it’s taking in the picturesque landscapes of the Danube Delta, or exploring medieval castles in the land that inspired Dracula, or simply doing high-end shopping in Bucharest, Romania has many an experience to offer. Car sharing is becoiming a rising alternative to rental cars as a great way to save some cash. This is because you (and many other customers)  only pay for the time and distance actually used. It’s worthwhile both for a longer trip into the countryside and as a city run around. Although steeply rising , car sharing in Romania is still in its infancy. GetPony was founded a few years ago as the first car sharing service in the country. Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, the country’s second largest city, it has recently opened its doors to a number of cars in Bucharest. GetPony’s website, which is available in English, is easy to register on and afteward you can use the handy app to find an available car. Rental and payment is done straight through your mobile phone. GetPony’s fleet consists of compact cars like VW up, Smart Fortwo, MINI ONE and a rather spacious BMW i3. All in all though there’s a total of 85 cars on offer. Billing is either per minute, hour or per day, and for frequent drivers it’s worthwhile to pay a discounted prepaid rate. The only downer is that there are no electric cars on offer.

Caby – Electrocarsharing in Iasi

Situated in the northeastern part of Romania, Lasi, Romania’s fourth-largest city, is known as the cradle of Romanian culture. This great city just became all that more greater with a car sharing service recently founded. Caby offers state-of-the-art electric cars including the Mitsubishi iMiev, a fantastic run around with no carbon emission. This and the rest of the fleet can be found and rented via their website. The locations of the electric cars are always in proximity of a charging station, so you’re guaranteed to drive off with a full battery – just plug the car back in once you’re done! Unfortunately, there is no app or English language version of the site yet so all transactions have to be done through their website.

Schweden Hütte am See




A holiday in Sweden means lots to see. While you can visit fascinating cultural attractions and events in the big cities, the vast, untouched nature offers relaxation and tranquillity. If wanting to experience everything Sweden has to offer, you need the means to be independently mobile. Carsharing  is a great way to travel with more flexibility. SnappCar is an active platform in Sweden connecting private car owners with people who want to use a vehicle for a short time period. Car owners get to benefit from a bit of extra cash, while customers get the benefit of convenience. Here’s how it works: Sign up on the SnappCar page and look for a car that matches the time and place where you need one. You can then contact the owner of the car and if you agree, nothing stands in your way of your drive. Both the SnappCar website and app are in English and make it easy for you to quickly find cars in your area. The app is also available in German. As you are renting from private individuals, be prepared that the cars and prices will vary. Nevertheless, chances are good that out of the hundreds of vehicles available one will meet your requirements.


GoMore is another Swedish platform offering ridesharing and car rentals between private individuals. Once you have registered on the website you can search for a car or ride via browser or app, both available in English.


If wanting to drive more sustainably and have the security of a car sharing agency with its own fleet, Sunfleet is worth a look. Sunfleet offers a total of 1,300 hybrid cars in 50 Swedish cities that you can rent conveniently and easily via their website and app (both unfortunately only available in Swedish). The advantage with Sunfleet, unlike car sharing between private individuals, is that you have more reliable vehicle availability.

Matterhorn Schweiz



Travellers in Switzerland are quickly taken away by the country’s beautiful surroundings. But both in the cities and the far reaching landscapes are a host of experiences waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking to reach these inexpensively with much more flexibility, car sharing is becoming a rising alternative. Mobility is the first and leading car sharing provider in Switzerland, offering you great range and comfort with around 3,000 vehicles at 1,500 locations. The fleet is both vast and varied, from low-priced city cars to chic convertibles, and even electric cars. Once you have logged into the Mobility website it’s simple to find and reserve the next available car at the desired time using the search function on their Mobility page or app. Afterwards, you can access the car with either your Mobility card or Swiss card and drive off. There’s a number of special offers, such as discounts for hotel bookings and low-cost subscriptions all year round.


When you’re travelling do you like meeting new people and saving on some travel expenses? Well, why don’t you try Sharoo? At Sharoo you rent the vehicle directly from the owner. This way they earn some extra cash while you to stay mobile and take in even more. Of course, it is possible that in the time frame or location you have chosen there may not be a car available or that the cars on offer do not meet your ideal expectations. On the other hand, you get to meet interesting people and often find a deal that suits you.


If you are spending your holidays in Basel and Geneva and you only need short term car hire, then Catch a Car could be worth checking out. In each city you will find over a hundred cars that you can book and use, similar to Mobility. The biggest difference to most carsharing providers is where you end up leaving the car. They allow you to drop it off free of charge but only inside the Catch-Car zone, this is generally the wider city centre but please check before setting off. You can park your car within the service area in local parking lots, and the following customer will find the location quickly and easily via GPS.


Car4Use: The Fiat-Gigant in Serbia

With Car4Use you have access to more than 30 vehicles, mostly Fiat 500 or Fiat Panda models, which are available all over Belgrade. Fiat models, thanks to their small engines, are very fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Extra parking spaces have been set up all over Belgrade free of charge at all times for Car4Use vehicles. Fuel is covered by Car4Use and in the event of a breakdown, all specialist workshops are at your disposal as the company will also take care of repair costs. In addition, users are insured free of charge during the rental period. Unfortunately, Car4Use does not currently offer electric cars. Be aware as well that the website is not available in English.


BlaBlaCar  is a worldwide ride sharing network that is also active in Serbia. Typically it works best for those looking for rides from Belgrade, but the platform does service locations all over the country. As it is carpooling platform you will generally be sharing the ride with several others, which can actually make the time pass faster and it gives you a chance to meet all kinds of people. The platform also makes it possible to offer services as a driver.



Ljubljana was nominated the environmental capital of Europe in 2016, this is in part due to their love of car sharing. AvantCar, in cooperation with the service provider Comtrade, offers a modern system for car sharing with environmentally friendly electric vehicles via the mobile application Avant2Go. Launched as a startup project the service provides modern and environmentally friendly mobility in urban areas. There are four locations: Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj and Murska Sobota, as well as at Ljubljana airport. After a simple one-time registration you can choose from more than 120 vehicles. In addition to Nissan Leaf and Smart ED, Avant2Go also offers the Renault ZOE, the BMW i3 and the VW Golf. Everything from booking, opening the car and payment can be carried out with a smartphone.


Carpool is the largest private car pooling network in Slovenia and offers excellent opportunities for ride sharing. Both as driver and passenger you can make it to your destination all while helping the environment. In contrast to classic car sharing, the focus is not on the vehicle, but on the desired travel route. This can be a cost-effective alternative. After registering, free of charge, you simply enter the data of the starting point and the desired destination in the user-friendly website and you can then find suitable carpooling possibilities – or passengers if you are the driver.


The website, programmed by and for students, offers classic car sharing together with the offer of carpooling opportunities. Unfortunately, the site is only available in Slovenian. The priority here is to show all the range of journeys offered by students. However, the offer is relatively good throughout Slovenia and in neighbouring countries. In the case of private offers you should always remember that insurance issues and price agreements must be made separately. In contrast to the usual offers across Europe the aim here is to promote communication between the driver and passenger. The offer is a very favourable alternative to international companies, especially for travellers with good Slovenian language skills.




Car2Go | APP

Register on the Car2Go app and be able to search for available cars in many European cities, including Madrid. The app shows you where to find an available Car2Go vehicles and allows you to open and use it. When your journey is over you can simply leave your vehicle in any public or special Car2Go car park within the area. In Madrid the Car2go fleet is made up of over 200 e-cars that are recharged by the provider, meaning you only have to pay a fixed price per minute. Insurance is also included in the price. As Car2Go is available all over Europe, the app is available in Spanish, English and German.


Avancar is the Spanish version of Zipcar, an international carsharing provider. Based in Barcelona the platform offers various car models, including hybrid cars. You can register on the website or directly via the app. If you have the app, you can use it to reserve a car in your area and have the ability to open it. If you prefer to use Avancar without the app then you will need an Avancar card to open the door. Once you have finished your trip you must return the vehicle to where you originally picked it up. Both the Zipcar app and website are available in several different languages, however, the Avancar site is only offered in Spanish and Catalan. The Zipcar app and the Zipcard also work in Barcelona.

Bluemove in Sevilla, Madrid und Barcelona | APP

Bluemove cars are available in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. Their fleet of vehicles features a variety of car models in different sizes, including hybrid and electric cars. After registering, you can search via the app or website for a suitable car in your area. It is also possible to reserve a car by phone. Cars are parked in public parking lots and in order to open and use a one you’ll need a bluecard, available for collection at many stations in the city. Where and when you should return the car is determined in advance. In addition to the fixed mileage price, you can decide whether you want to pay per hour or per day, depending on how long you need the car. The website is available in Spanish, Catalan or English.

South Africa



Locomute is the product of two univeristy students who wrote it as a business thesis at university and developed it into what is now: the first hugely popular carsharing service in South Africa. The fleet grew from six cars at the beginning to over 300 in just over eight months. The Start-up relies on the modern, economical Fiat 500, but other brands are now in the fleet. In 2015 the two entrepreneurs won the Business Green Economy Initiative Bronze Award. The service is currently in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. In order to use Locomute, you must first register on the website. The site is available in English and very easy to use, providing information on costs and the company statement. In order to register, you will need a valid international driver’s license, your passport number and a credit or cheque card. After successfully entering all necessary data you will receive a registration email for confirmation. Within 48 hours you will receive a welcome letter containing the data for the app login as well as the link to the app. It makes sense to download the Locomute app, as it shows the different locations of the cars and allows you to make reservations at short notice. To use the app you need the username and password given after registration. As a fully flexible service Locomute uses either membership cards or its app to open the car. Customers enjoy a sense of independence and freedom as you can access the available cars at any time and roam through top South African cities. You can even inquire about the costs beforehand via the website. The displayed price already includes insurance, petrol and other fees, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. You pay by time and mileage. Kilometres are capped so if you don’t drive the full amount booked, you will be reimbursed. This means that nothing stands in the way of a comfortable and inexpensive exploration of the most interesting regions of South Africa.


Czech Republic


CAR4WAY is a carsharing provider operating in the Czech cities of Prague and Pardubice. You can register on their app or website, both available in Czech and English. The app and website will display vehicle availability and location on a map, and you can filter your search for specific car models. After a successful reservation, the selected vehicle can then be picked up at the specified location, to where it will also need to be returned. A cost calculator is available on the website to provide an overview of the costs incurred and it is possible to calculate the cost for different models. The CAR4WAY fleet consists of more than 200 vehicles from Skoda and VW in various car categories. With its diverse options you are likely to find the right car for every occasion, whether wanting a smaller car for the narrower Czech city streets or a more spacious model suited to a family outing or transporting larger objects.


Autonapul was the first carsharing provider in the Czech Republic and has been active since 2003. Czech cities such as Prague, Pilsen and Pardubice are part of its service area, where cars can be picked up and returned. After a successful online registration, available vehicles can be quickly and easily booked around the clock via the English-language website. The fleet features a range of makes and models and cars can be booked for thirty minutes or for a whole day. The platform can accommodate everyone from those searching for compact city cars to family sized vehicles. Autonapul also allows users to explore beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and drive into neighbouring countries. Just remember, however, vehicles need to be returned to the same city where they were picked up. When your trip has ended you can leave the car in any public parking lot. Tour the Czech Republic economically with Autonapul for about one euro per hour or 15 cents per kilometre.

Heißluftballons in Kappadokien, Türkei


YoYo – Carsharing in Istanbul | APP

Istanbul has so much to offer for any visitor, from the city’s nightlife to its historic buildings and monuments. If you want to be able to get around by car and really explore, car sharing while in Turkey is a great option. YoYo is the oldest Turkish car sharing agency operating in Istanbul and the surrounding area. Thanks to the minute-by-minute pricing you’re sure to receive a good deal. YoYo’s fleet offers something for every taste, from the dynamic and agile Nissan Micra, the chic Mercedes all the way to the powerful off-roader vehicles. Electric cars aren’t yet available, but tank refills are included in the price. After easy registration on their homepage you can use the site or their handy app to locate available vehicles. The only drawback is that the homepage of Yoyo is only available in Turkish. However, it is perfectly understandable for people with a little knowledge of the language, and even if not it is laid out intuitively well.


If you don’t understand Turkish and prefer to play it safe, then Zipcar is a good choice, because the homepage and the app are available in English. With a fleet of just over a dozen cars, Zipcar offers delivers a service similar to Yoyo in the Istanbul area. The registration procedure is similar, but there is an annual fee. If you are not satisfied with Zipcar’s service you can cancel your membership within a 30-day trial period and get your annual membership fee back. And since Zipcar is also represented in many other cities in France, Great Britain and Austria, travel enthusiasts in particular will get their money’s worth.


Are you interested in longer drives between specific destinations? Do you like to meet new people and broaden your horizons and save some cash? If so, Blablacar is a good choice. This carpooling platform allows you to quickly and easily contact car drivers in Turkey who are the same way as you. Of course, you have be a little flexible, but not only do you get great savings, but you also protect the environment and perhaps make some new friends.



Up until a few years ago, carsharing was not present in Hungary. Not only was there no provider there wasn’t even an official translation of the word ‘carsharing’. This all changed in 2013 with Avalon Car(e)sharing, operating in Budapest as well as several other big cities in Hungary. The agency offers a large, diverse vehicle fleet ranging from smaller models to spacious estate cars (but no electric cars). Users must first sign up on the Avalon Car(e)sharing page and wait for their registration to be completed. Once registered, use the home page search function to find and rent the next available car that meets your expectations, and drive off. The site is available in English, an app is not available. Please note: The initial registration is not free and you must pay monthly fees.


If you are travelling in Budapest or the surrounding area and are looking for an alternative to Avalon, GreenGo could be the solution. This recently founded carsharing company has a fleet of about two dozen cars in the Budapest area, all of which are electric. Users can search for vehicles on their practical app, however, as the website and app are only available in Hungarian in might not entirely be the best option.


BeeRides is a private carsharing agency that connects car owners with private individuals. The special feature of BeeRides is that all vehicles involved with the platform are parked in specially reserved parking spaces at Budapest Airport. Their English language website explains in detail what is needed in order to participate. An app is currently not available.

Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, USA



For many people, young and old, the United States of America is a dream destination combining breath taking open landscape with heart racing modernity. Between the sublime beaches, the grand cities, the endless vastness of the countryside and the iconic cultural sights, a person could probably spend a lifetime exploring the USA. It’s why many consider it crucial to be mobile during your travels through the US. What’s best is you can save time and expensive rental fees through car sharing providers. Zipcar offers numerous cars in many major American cities, which you can book easily and flexibly, perfect for days in the city or longer trips. After you have logged in to the site (also available in English), you can use the search function on the homepage or in the app to quickly find a car when and where you need it, and then unlock it with your own zip card and drive away. Zipcar’s fleet includes a number of different cars, mainly medium sized gasoline cars, but also sprinters and compact vehicles. Zipcar is also present in many other countries if you’re a world traveller.

Turo – rent better cars

Unlike ZipCar, Turo does not have its own fleet. Instead, it runs as an Internet platform that brings private car owners together with those who need a car for a period of time. It’s a great way for owners to earn some extra cash and it’s a pretty good deal for the customer too. All you have to do is get to the location and make a plan. The terms are flexible, especially in smaller cities, depending on the car type. Unfortunately there is no app, so you have to plan your trips through the website. On the other hand, you might meet interesting people and get some great bargains.

Car2Go – proud to share | APP

Car2Go, an international car sharing agency, also offers its services in several larger cities. You can choose from hundreds of chic cars at favourable rates. Every trip is booked quickly and easily via the app. Unfortunately there’s no electric cars in the fleet.



GoGet is available in the five major Australian cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. Register on the English-language website and once you have successfully signed up you will have access to the over 2,000 vehicles in GoGet’s fleet. Their selection of vehicles includes different categories of cars, suitable for a range of occasions. There are somewhat small city cars, SUVs and larger vans that are especially helpful when moving house. A map displays the exact location of all available vehicles, and once you find a car for your journey, you have the option to rent it for a few hours or a few days.  GoGet vehicles come with a fuel card that lets you fill up the tank free of charge. A trip with GoGet always starts and ends at the same place as vehicles must be returned to their original starting point.


Flexicar is carsharing provider located in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. After a successful registration you can reserve a Flexicar vehicle via the provider’s English-language website. Reservations can be made days in advance or you can book a car on short notice. Available vehicles will be displayed on a map of the city with their exact location. Every Flexicar car has a designated parking space where it must be picked up and returned. Vehicles are opened by entering a six-digit code in the number field on the driver’s side that will be sent to you after you have made your reservation. Flexicar’s fleet consists of various vehicles, ranging from city cars to SUVs and vans. All vehicles have five to seven seats and are equipped with automatic transmission. Flexicar offers various price packages, starting from as little as $8.95 per hour. Petrol is included in the cost and a fuel card is provided for refuelling.



There are many good reasons to visit the charming, friendly Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, interesting culture and culinary delights are just a number of things Cyprus has to offer. The island is in fact divided into by Turkish and Greek territory, letting you experience both cultures. Remember though, you’re leaving the EU if you head to the northern part of the island. Controls can happen, so you should have your identity card at hand. If you’re travelling across this small island or even going for a quick shopping trip or harbor walk, you should of course have the best mobility. Many bring their own car, which you can freely dispose of when you need it. A great option that’s becoming really popular is through car sharing, where you can rent from private car owners. Travelcar, a French car sharing company, offers you the perfect opportunity for low-cost mobility. This is how it works: Travelcar’s fleet consists of cars owned by individuals who are out of the country for a long period of time. They park their cars at the airport and give Travelcar the right to use their car. Travelcar installs the necessary hardware so that the car can be driven by users like you. Once you’ve signed up on Travelcar’s homepage, all you have to do is download the app (available for Android and iPhone). From there you can view the available cars and pick the one that meets your schedule. You can pick it up at the airport and save up to 70% compared to local car rental companies, it even includes insurance and the first 700 kilometres. When you are done with your ride, simply take the car back to the airport and pay the fees. Unfortunately, since the cars come from private individuals, hard to make a general statement about the range of vehicles on offer, and depending on the season, it is not possible to guarantee that a car will be available at all times.

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