Jaguar started out in 1922 by William Lyons when he met William Walmsley making side cars. Soon after the company went into business and was named the Swallow Sidecar Company. By 1927 they had started manufacturing cars, the first of these called the Austin seven swallow. In 1931 Lyons vision had started producing more unique designs with ultra-low bodies and extra-long bonnets. These models known as the SS1 and SS2, caused a stir. Then in 1935 as the cars became more elegant, stylish and sporty, Lyons decided that they needed a new name and soon after the Jaguar was born. The first of these was called the Jaguar SS and with that a legend was created.

In the animal world, Jaguars are known for being predators at the top of the food chain, having a powerful bite and being fast and agile. None of their models have fitted that description better than the E type.

The Jaguar E type was first unveiled in 1961 and its production carried on until 1974. It’s still widely considered as one of the greatest sports cars ever produced. Its appeal was due to its appearance, performance and cheap price, especially when compared to other sports cars of the time. It was easy to drive and comfortable to boot. The Jaguar E type became iconic and made the motor industries heads turn. If car manufacturing was ever considered an art form then the E type would be the reason why. Simplicity is quite often the key to any success story and so it was proved with the E type. A simple design created a sleek body that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the interior looked good too.

The car was the fastest of its time and able to reach up to 150mph. Although not a specialised racing car, it followed the racing trends of the time in both appearance and performance. The iconic E type became the ultimate car that was a cross between the vehicle for everyday use and a racer. As well as a 3.8-litre XK engine, it had an aerodynamic body, shaped to near perfection. It became popular in Europe as well as the USA and still holds a special place in motorists hearts today.

The E type was originally a 2 seater but a 2+2 version was produced in 1966. Although the coupe was successful, the most popular model was the convertible which has now become a collector’s item.

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